Processes and Technology

  • The Process

    UniVerve developed a complete microalgae biomass production process that addresses the major technological obstacles associated with providing cost-effective and high-quality biomass and oil as feedstock for biofuel through microalgae aquaculture.  The unique technology is scalable and enables reaching a high yield using very little energy and it's simple to construct, operate and maintain. According to the company's financial model, the production cost of an oil barrel is expected to be up to USD 60.
    UniVerve offers a complete solution – from strain-to-oil and if necessary from strain-to-fuel. UniVerve's process enables to produce high yield using less energy and minimal operational costs. The process includes:
    • A diverse portfolio of high-oil-yielding & robust microalgae strains that produce large volumes of biomass with high levels of different lipids as well as other high value compounds for the food and feed industries. Most of the selected strains are suited to grow in salt-, brackish- or agricultural wastewater
    • A growth-enhancing growing & harvesting system that simultaneously minimizes the required size of the microalgae farm and energy consumption
    • A simple, low energy harvesting and dewatering process
    UniVerve focuses on the process as a whole, from the strain to the oil, since any of the parts of the process has no real value on a stand-alone basis, unless it's part of a complete, economic, stable and sustainable oil production process.
    The heart of UniVerve’s process is a unique, patented Growing and Harvesting System, called HAVP™, which stands for Hanging Adjustable V-shaped Pond.