About us

UniVerve, founded in 2009, is privately held by its founders, leaders in the area of agribusiness and economics, biofuels, algae research, and international management. Headquartered in Tel Aviv, UniVerve began constructing its first farm in northern Israel.
UniVerve believes that algae hold a promise as a preferred solution for today's and tomorrow's challenges. UniVerve’s business strategy incorporates its acute understanding of the economics of microalgae-oil production, whereby the commercialization of the triglycerides (TGs) as feedstock for biofuel, a low-end commodity, should be leveraged by the commercialization of the remaining biomass for use in higher end products. As UniVerve's strain produces naturally EPA and quality protein in addition to TGs, UniVerve targets potential farm owners and clients are also in the food supplements industry and the feed industry.
Therefore, UniVerve promotes two kinds of farms:
  1. Oil & Biomass Farms – for clients in the biofuel industry, where the cultivation regime will be targeted at producing Oil and the remaining biomass will be commercialized in the food and feed industries, in order to ensure maximum profitability, and
  2. Biomass Farms – for clients in the food and/or feed industry, where the cultivation regime will be targeted at producing EPA, proteins and carbs
Given the embryonic state of Israeli biofuel regulatory and infrastructure support systems, the first Israeli farm that UniVerve began constructing is a Biomass Farm, aimed at producing EPA-rich biomass. The establishment of Oil & Biomass farms will begin when the time is right. However, in the global markets UniVerve promotes both Oil & Biomass Farms as well as Biomass Farms.